Area Specific Mineral Mixture

Minerals are required by dairy animals for their metabolic functions, growth, milk production, reproduction and health. Animal cannot synthesise minerals inside its body and usually feeds and fodders fed to the dairy animals do not provide all the minerals in the required quantity. Therefore, animal should be supplemented with adequate amount of good quality mineral mixture in their ration.

Level of minerals in feeds and fodder varies from region to region, thus mineral availability to the animal also varies. So, it is necessary to produce region specific mineral mixture accordingly.

For that, NDDB has completed mineral mapping for various states/ region and accordingly area specific mineral mixture formulations have been developed. ASMM has to be fed @ 100-200 g daily, depending upon level of milk production in lactating animals, 50 g daily for growing and non-producing animals and 25 g daily for calves.

Benefits of feeding ASMM:

  1. Improves growth rate of calves, hence early puberty
  2. Improves reproduction efficiency in male and female animals
  3. Reduce inter-calving period leading to more productive life of animals
  4. Improves efficiency of feed utilisation
  5. Improves milk production and SNF content of the milk
  6. Better immune response; hence better resistance against diseases

NDDB has standardised process and plant design for production of mineral mixture. Technical assistance in setting up mineral mixture plants of 12 and 25 MT/day capacities is being provided to the dairy cooperatives and other agencies.

Area specific mineral mixure 1 Area specific mineral mixure 2


Area specific mineral mixure 3 Area specific mineral mixure 4 Area specific mineral mixure 5

Area Specific Mineral Mixture Formulations

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