We will ensure honesty, consistency and authenticity in our behaviour, words and actions, irrespective of the situation and will focus on development of character and wholeness.


We will inspire belief through our transparency, trustworthiness and predictability (Integrity); demonstrate deep expertise based on scientific and systematic inquiry (competence); take wise decisions based on big picture and long-term view (sound judgment); listen to and work for interest of others by being level headed and fair (relatively sensitive) and express enthusiasm and upbeat emotions in our interactions inside and outside the organization.


We will own and be accountable to our organization’s mandate/goals, constantly challenge ourselves to perform better and align individual goals to organization’s goals, and demonstrate strong work ethics and result orientation towards achievement of organization mandate/goals.


We will continuously update ourselves in our functional domains and exhibit knowledge, skills and attitudes which are aligned in doing our jobs, be timely and consistent in attendance, be accountable and willing to go extra mile to complete tasks and help others, communicating respectfully, stay calm and focused even in most difficult situations, engage in positive communication and use good judgment while carrying out our assignments


We will engage in deliberate application of knowledge, information, imagination and initiative to derive greater value from resources/processes and generate new ideas that can be converted to useful products and services that are replicable and create value.