• Biosecurity and Biosafety manual for bovines: Developed especially for the semen stations to ensure the production of disease free frozen semen.
  • Animal Health Protocols for calf procurement from bull production areas: Developed for ensuring procurement of disease free bull calves being procured from the field to the semen station.
  • Regular TB/JD testing of NDS managed semen stations and providing necessary advisories towards a disease free herd.
  • Guidelines for management of imported bulls: Developed so as to ensure the proper health and management of bulls imported under NDP-I.
  • Animal Health Protocols for Recipient Herd : Developed for ensuring production of disease free embryos through IVF.
  • Provide advisories to milk unions on management of heat stress, health management during monsoon etc.

NDDB Call centre: Looking to the current need of the dairy farmers, NDDB has established a tele-advising centre: A call Centre for dairy farmers. Many livestock owners do not get prompt advice about their livestock related concerns due to varied reasons. The Call Centre serves this purpose efficiently without any extra efforts where dairy farmers can directly contact experts for their questions related to Animal Health, Breeding, Nutrition and various milk co-operative services. Also, this call centre facilitates INAPH users in the field for their queries regarding any INAPH related projects. The call centre is equipped with voice message facilities so that any specific alerts (Disease outbreak, Vaccination and Deworming etc.) or advices can be disseminated to callers. This tele advising service absolutely helps livestock owners to manage their livestock in more efficient and scientific way and in turn able to reduce the cost of milk production.