Dairy Surveyor Application

What is Dairy Surveyor Application?

Dairy Surveyor is a GIS-enabled android application developed by NDDB. Dairy Surveyor along with the field data collection, captures latitude and longitude. It provides data analysis in addition to visualisation, which helps the management in making decisions.

What are the utilities of Dairy Surveyor Application?

This application can be utilized for various activities:

• Infrastructure Mapping
• Monitoring the progress of all field activities and surveys
• Procurement activities
• Marketing activities

Dairy Surveyor utility

Figure: Dairy Surveyor utility

What can we do with Dairy Surveyor Application? (Features)

• Enable users to design questionnaire for survey
• Field data collection with Geo-Tagging and Time-stamp
Real time tracking of field level projects
• Facility to capture and upload photos/signature/audio/video
Visualization of field data on map
• Analysis of data with locational coordinates

How can Dairy Surveyor application help dairy cooperatives and producer owned institutions?

I. Infrastructure Mapping :

Dairy Surveyor application helps dairy cooperatives to map their supply chain infrastructures (i.e. DCS/MPP, BMC, Chilling Centres, Dairy Plants, Cattle Feed Plants, Milk Booths/Parlours, Retail sales points, etc.)

Infrastructure Mapping

Figure : Infrastructure Mapping

By mapping of dairy infrastructure, it makes easier for the milk unions in taking transportation decisions related to milk procurement and sales. In addition, it helps milk union in establishment and expansion of new DCS and collection centres along with route optimisation

II. Monitoring Field activities :

Dairy surveyor application can monitor progress of various field related activities such as artificial insemination, vaccination and other input activities

 Monitoring field activity

Figure  : Monitoring field activity

III. Procurement activities :

• Identifying the DCS, Villages based on locational features
• Setting up the Chilling Centre, AI Centre & BMC
• Route Designing
• Understanding the village coverage
• Mapping of Milk Production and Milk Procurement
• Identification of Potential clusters
• Route-wise Analysis