Invitation for biogas meet


National Dairy Development Board

PB No 40, Anand, Gujarat

Ph: 02692-260148,149


National Dairy Development Board is promoting the Manure Value Chain Model across the country. Presently, NDDB is facilitating installation of Flexi Bio Gas Plants under the National Bio Gas Program and also coordinating installation of Flexi Bio Plants under the Gobardhan scheme of GoI for states like Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. NDDB has also been designated a National level Program Implementing Agency by Ministry of New & Renewal Energy, GoI for implementation of new national biogas & organic manure program. With a view to discuss advancement in the Flexi Bio Gas as well as the Slurry Dewatering Machine technology and to evolve generic Technical Specifications, it is proposed to hold a consultation meet with manufacturers/ suppliers of Flexi-Biogas Plants & Slurry Dewatering Machine. The meeting is scheduled on 14 & 15/07/2022 from 10:30 AM onwards at National Dairy Development Board, Anand, Gujarat.

1. Flexi Bio Gas Plant Supplier/ Manufacturer meet on 14 Jul 2022

Sr.No. Particulars Flexi Bio Gas plant general specifications
1 Flexi Biogas Plant Capacity 2 & 3 Cubic Meter, Household based. Ease of handling for user.
2 Plant material Flexi based, robust and proven technology
3 Repair Maintenance Ability of provide repair maintenance support across India
4 Installation Space Should Occupy Minimum Space
5 Retention Period Minimum retention period with maximum output

2. Slurry Dewatering Machine supplier/ manufacturer meet on 15 Jul 2022

Sr.No. Particulars Slurry Dewatering Machine general Specifications
1 Slurry Dewatering Machine 10 MTPD, Multi Disc Screw Type (preferred) Input matrix- Digestate of Bio gas plant Minimum 80% solid recovery with 70-80% moisture.
2 Plant material Minimum SS304 and non-corrosive material
3 Experience Relevant experience with ability to provide pan India maintenance support
4 Installation Space Should ccupy minimum space
5 Retention Period Minimum retention period with maximum output

Interested parties are invited to participate in the meet and share their views on technological developments/ technical specifications and other terms and conditions such as payment terms, guarantee/ warranty period, delivery period etc. during the meet. Concerned suppliers/manufactures may confirm their participation to by 10/07/2022 evening.

Issued by: Innovation & Project Management Cell, NDDB 

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