Components of the scheme

The components of the scheme are as under:

  • Modernisation & creation of new milk processing facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities for Value-Added Products
  • Milk Chilling infrastructure
  • Setting up electronic milk testing equipment
  • Project Management and Learning Cattle Feed/ Feed supplement Plant
  • Milk transportation system (refrigerated vans/insulated tankers, etc.)
  • Marketing infrastructure (including e-market system, bulk vending system, parlour, deep freezer, cold storage, etc.)
  • Commodity and Cattle feed godowns
  • ICT (eg. Block chain technology, servers, IT solutions, near Real Time devices, etc.)
  • R&D (lab & equipment, new technology, innovations, product development, etc)
  • Renewable energy infrastructure/ plants, Trigen/ energy efficiency infrastructure. In all three cases, the energy generated or saved must be for the benefit of running cost of the existing plant/ BMC unit/ Milk collection unit, etc)
  • Pet bottle/ packaging material manufacturing units for dairy purposes, etc.
  • Training Centre (complete with civil and other necessary infrastructure)
  • Any other activity related to the dairy sector targeted to contribute to the objectives of DIDF and decided by Government of India in consultation with the stakeholders