8000 BC: Origins of the domestic cow over large areas of Asia, Europe and North Africa


2000 BC: The domesticated cow appears in Northern Indian Vedic civilization


1700-63 BC: Milk in ancient Hebrew civilization and the Bible


1800: Insulated ice houses were developed


1822-1895: Process of pasteurization is developed by Sir Louis Pasteur


1832: The first commercial production of a dried milk was invented by the Russian chemist M. Dirchoff


1843: Hand cranked ice cream freezer patented by Nancy Johnson of Philadephia


1850: Patent filed for a dried milk process with sugar added


1851: Jacob Fussel started the first wholesale ice cream manufacturing operation in Baltimore, Maryland


1853: Patent for process of evaporated milk and he was awarded patent in 1856


1855: First commercially usable drying process was invented by T.S. Grimwade (Roller dryer process)


1856: First condensed milk factory was operated in Wolcottville, Litchfield country, Connecticut


1866: John Baptist Meyenberg first suggested canned evaporated milk to his employers at the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Co. in Switzerland. Since the company was already so successful producing sweetened condensed milk, the idea was rejected. Meyenberg immigrated to the United States and began his own company, Helvetia Milk Condensing Co. (Pet Milk), eventually marketing unsweetened condensed milk in 1890


1867: Baron introduced Liebig's soluble food for babies in the European market and same year Henri Nestle invented the first artificial infant food


1868: Commercial Rasogolla was developed by Nobin Chandra Das of India


1874: Invention of ice cream soda by Robert Green


1884: First glass milk bottles patented by Hervey Thatcher


1893: Dr. Henry L. Coit forms the Medical Milk Commission to certify raw milk


1895: Commercial pasteurization of milk begins


1896: First ice cream cone was produced by Italo Marchiony


1899:  Dr. Martin Eckenberg, of Sweden, developed a film drier operating in a vacuum


1899: Milk homogenizer was patented


1901: Campbell of the United Sates and Wimmer of Denmark dried concentrated milk on trays


1914: The first milk tanker trucks are introduced


1917:  Mandatory pasteurization of milk begins


1932: Plastic-coated paper milk cartons were introduced commercially


1934: Pet Milk Co. introduced the first evaporated milk products to be fortified with vitamin D


1935: Yakult was introduced to market by Minoru Shirota of Japan


1950s-1960s: Square shaped milk carton introduced


1974: Nutrition labeling of fluid milk begins


1992: First United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Pyramid is released


2005: USDA Dietary Guidelines released


2008:  Food and Drug Administration (FDA), USA approves milk from cloned animal for human consumption


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